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My Career Advice in Blockchain and Machine Learning (Ai).

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

If I could offer you only one tip for the future, it would be this - do what you love. This advice may seem simple, but it holds a profound truth proven repeatedly in the fast-paced industry of blockchain, data science, and machine learning.

Over the course of my 33 years in this industry, I have learned valuable lessons from my work experience that can guide you in your career. First and foremost, do not worry excessively about the future. Worrying is as effective as trying to solve an equation by reading comics. The real challenges in your coding are often the ones you never anticipated, which blindside you at the last minute when a deadline is looming, and nothing seems to be working.

In recent years, the buzzwords of blockchain, crypto, machine learning, and deep learning have attracted countless individuals who claim expertise overnight. However, it is essential to remember that experience and time make a difference. So, my first piece of advice is to learn slowly and keep learning. There are no shortcuts in this industry. Read the directions, even if you decide not to follow them. Be cautious about whose advice you listen to and buy but be patient with those who offer it.

To stand out in a sea of shallow knowledge, going deep in your understanding of the subject is crucial. Many of the most exciting and successful people I know did not have their career paths mapped out at the age of 22, and even some forty-year-olds are still exploring their options. Continual learning is critical to staying ahead in this ever-evolving field.

In pursuing knowledge, be wary of scammers or investors who promise you the world. ICOs and SCOs often differ from what they seem, and people will try to take advantage of your expertise. Hard work and luck are the ingredients of success, with luck being the result of chance rather than solely one's actions.

Another important trait to cultivate is humility. No matter how smart you may be, there will always be more intelligent individuals. Arrogance and a sense of one's importance or abilities will not earn you respect in this industry. Additionally, avoid believing all the praise people may give you, as it will only make you feel more insecure.

Persistence is crucial. Failure will be a constant companion on your journey, but success often arises from learning from these failures and pushing forward. Embrace each setback as an opportunity for growth.

Listening to the right advice is equally important. Seek out good mentors and surround yourself with talented individuals. Stay clear of those who offer foolish or misguided guidance.

While expertise in machine learning is valuable, more is needed to thrive. Strong knowledge of data structures and programming is essential. Mathematics and logic are also invaluable tools to learn and master. Acquiring these skills takes a lifetime, not just a six-week course on platforms like Coursera or Edx, although these can provide a good starting point.

In this industry, the competition can be brutal. There is no harm in simply making a living while you strive for success. Remember that all jobs teach you something; venturing into other fields can provide new perspectives.

Finally, accept certain undeniable truths. Technology will constantly change, as will the people you encounter. You, too, will grow older, and when that time comes, you may look back and reminisce about the projects and work you were involved in during your younger days. Cherish your journey and the experiences gained along the way.

In conclusion, my advice to you is to do what you love. This career path requires dedication, lifelong learning, humility, and persistence. Embrace the challenges and setbacks and surround yourself with the right people. Keep up with the ever-changing landscape of technology, and remember that happiness and fulfillment lie in pursuing your passions.

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